Creativity is at the heart of everything we do.

Hoopla Digital are the new breed of digital advertising platform. Specialising in branded solutions across online video, display and mobile combining premium environments, exclusive content and innovative formats to deliver immersive brand experiences across all devices.

We apply a tailored approach to every advertising campaign ensuring that the creative, target environment & delivery method are perfectly matched and complimented to an advertisers goals.

Our sites will showcase your campaigns alongside exclusive premium content that is not available anywhere else. With a total online video reach of 14 million unique users and a display network that reaches 50% of the online population (21m) we have the scale and expertise to deliver high performance campaigns.

Operating across a blend of high profile brand names & niche gems, Hoopla Digital are able to tailor to every audience solution. Offering a combination of data & content based targeting to ensure maximum planning effectiveness, reducing wastage & delivering greater efficiency.

We learn something from every single impression served to ensure that the next one is even more effective, therefore enabling brands to get maximum value from their spend.

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