We work closely with clients to deliver tailored campaign solutions for some of the world’s most recognised brands.

Hoopla Digital combines premium environments and exclusive content with innovative digital advertising formats to deliver immersive brand experiences that serve across all platforms.

Audience targeting

Utilising 1st party survey data we are able to build custom audience targeting segments based on reactive user insight, not predictive. When combined with contextual delivery & 3rd party behavioural data we’re able to reach bespoke audience groups at scale.

Impactful ad formats

Our vast range of formats include the digital best performers like the Interscroller, Miniscroller, Takeovers, Skin units and interactive Pre-rolls, OOH and DOOH for campaigns with extra reach. Plus industry leading VR and AR formats that immerse users into the brand like never before.

Custom creative studio

Our experienced creative team can turn existing campaign assets into rich media masterpieces. We deliver bespoke innovative ideas that meet the brief objectives while hitting campaign deadlines, ensuring production can be done within short turnaround times without compromising quality.

Real-time creative optimisation

To gain true creative insight we are able to optimise creative messages on-the-fly, allowing brands to understand how to communicate with their audiences more effectively and enabling them to follow up with stronger performing creative on consecutive campaigns.

Our sites will showcase your campaigns alongside exclusive premium content that is not available anywhere else.

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